20 Oraciones en pasado simple (past simple)

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20 Oraciones en Pasado Simple

Aquí tienes 20 ejemplos de oraciones en pasado simple (past simple).

  1. I walked to the store yesterday.
  2. She played tennis with her friend last week.
  3. We watched a movie on Netflix last night.
  4. He studied for his exam all weekend.
  5. They ate pizza for dinner yesterday.
  6. The dog chased the cat around the house.
  7. My friends and I went to the beach last summer.
  8. I didn’t go to the party last night.
  9. She didn’t finish her homework on time.
  10. We didn’t see the sun today because it was cloudy.
  11. He didn’t like the food at the restaurant.
  12. They didn’t have any money to buy the concert tickets.
  13. She didn’t take her umbrella when she went out, and it rained.
  14. We didn’t go to the amusement park because it was closed.
  15. Did you eat breakfast this morning?
  16. Did she go to the gym yesterday?
  17. Did we have a meeting yesterday?
  18. Did he see the new movie in the theater?
  19. Did they finish their project on time?
  20. Did you see the news last night?

Ejemplos de oraciones en pasado simple

9/10 - (1100 votos)