Presente continuo ejemplos

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El presente continuo (también denominado presente progresivo) se utiliza para acciones que ocurren ahora o para una acción que no ha terminado.

Aquí tienes algunos ejemplos.

Ejemplos de tiempo presente continuo

Ejemplos de oraciones afirmativas

Construcción de una oración afirmativa en presente continuo

Sujeto + to be (am/is/are) + verbo +(-ing) + objeto.

Estructura de la frase afirmativa inglesa en presente continuo

Ejemplos de tiempo presente continuo:

  • He is talking to his friend.
  • They are playing football now.
  • He is reading his favourite book.
  • Flowers are being plucked.
  • They are eating lunch right now.
  • He is going to the library.
  • I am feeling really well.
  • I am laying in bed.
  • The stocks are dropping constantly due to the economy.
  • You are shopping in that market.
  • He is playing tennis now.
  • The kids are arriving at five o'clock.
  • He is travelling around the world.
  • I am washing all the dishes.

Otras Oraciones en presente continuo.

Ejemplos de oraciones negativas

Construcción de oraciones negativas para el tiempo presente continuo:

Sujeto + to be (am, are, is) + not + verbo+(-ing) + objeto.Estructura de la frase negativa inglesa en presente continuo

Ejemplos de tiempo presente continuo:

  • I am not working this Tuesday.
  • You are not watching the movie.
  • The labourer is not pushing the carriage.
  • They’re not having a good time.
  • He is not studying very well.
  • He is not working in London.
  • My English skills are not improving.

Ejemplos de preguntas

Construcción de preguntas para el tiempo presente continuo:

To be (am, are, is) + sujeto + verbo +(-ing) + objeto?Estructura de la oración interrogativa inglesa en presente continuo

Ejemplos de tiempo presente continuo:

  • Am I really that annoying?
  • Is she laughing?
  • Are you listening to songs?
  • Is he living with his girlfriend?
  • Are you watching cricket on television?
  • Are you spending holidays on the beach?
  • Is he buying the flowers?
  • What are you doing next Monday?

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Ejemplos de oraciones en presente continuo

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