Pasado perfecto ejemplos

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El pasado perfecto se utiliza para mostrar que algo ocurrió antes de otra acción en el pasado.

Aquí tienes algunos ejemplos.

Ejemplos de pasado perfecto

Ejemplos de oraciones afirmativas

Construcción de una oración afirmativa en pasado perfecto

Sujeto + had + participio pasado + objeto.

Estructura de la oración afirmativa inglesa en pasado perfecto

Ejemplos de pasado perfecto:

  • I had written articles on various topics before he came.
  • She had met him before the party.
  • I had written the email before he apologized.
  • You had studied Italian before you moved to Rome.
  • I had fallen asleep before eight o'clock.
  • I had never felt something like that before I met you.
  • She wished she had seen her friend.
  • I called her but she had already left.
  • I had been to Mexico once before.

Ejemplos de oraciones negativas

Construcción de oraciones negativas para el pasado perfecto:

Sujeto + had not/hadn't + participio pasado del verbo + objeto.

Estructura de la frase negativa inglesa en pasado perfecto

Ejemplos de pasado perfecto:

  • I had not watched the cricket match.
  • She had not lived in California before moving to New York.
  • My friends hadn’t ever gone to France.
  • I had not eaten at that restaurant before today.
  • She hadn’t had time to explain it before seeing him.

Ejemplos de preguntas

Construcción de preguntas para el pasado perfecto:

Had + sujeto + participio pasado del verbo + objeto?

Estructura de la oración interrogativa inglesa en pasado perfecto

Ejemplos de pasado perfecto:

  • Had you come to the program before I came?
  • Had you cleaned up the mess by the time they came home?
  • Why had he agreed to work for that salary?
  • Had you ever been to London before you moved there?
  • What had they said that made him so angry?

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