50 Oraciones en Presente Continuo

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10 marzo 2023, author: Vladimir Danek

50 Oraciones en Presente Continuo

  1. I am writing this sentence right now.
  2. They are playing basketball in the park.
  3. She is studying for her final exams at university.
  4. He is playing guitar in his bedroom.
  5. We are watching a movie in the theater.
  6. The children are building a sandcastle on the beach.
  7. My boss is giving a presentation in the conference room.
  8. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping outside.
  9. The teacher is explaining a math problem to the class.
  10. My brother is working out at the gym.
  11. The athletes are competing in the Olympics.
  12. The company is investing in new technology.
  13. The musician is recording a new album in the studio.
  14. The doctor is examining a patient in the hospital.
  15. The students are discussing their project ideas in groups.
  16. The chef is creating a new dish for the restaurant’s menu.
  17. The team is practicing their dance routine for the competition.
  18. The rain is falling heavily outside, causing floods in the city.
  19. The workers are constructing a new building in the downtown area.
  20. My sister is designing a new website for her business.
  21. The musicians are improvising a jazz tune on stage.
  22. The employees are volunteering at a local charity event.
  23. The baby is crawling around the living room.
  24. The passengers are boarding the train for their trip.
  25. The company is launching a new marketing campaign.
  26. The birds are migrating south for the winter.
  27. The scientists are researching a cure for a disease.
  28. The couples are attending a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day.
  29. The actors are rehearsing for their play’s opening night.
  30. The sun is setting over the horizon, painting the sky with colors.
  31. My dad is fixing the leaky faucet in the bathroom.
  32. The team is strategizing for the upcoming game.
  33. The artist is painting a portrait of her model.
  34. The company is expanding its business to international markets.
  35. The children are performing a play in the school auditorium.
  36. The teacher is grading papers at her desk.
  37. The construction workers are laying bricks for a new wall.
  38. The athletes are practicing their skills on the field.
  39. The wind is blowing strongly, shaking the trees outside.
  40. The employees are participating in a team-building activity.
  41. The toddler is learning how to walk with the help of her parents.
  42. The dancers are perfecting their choreography for the show.
  43. The company is investing in renewable energy sources.
  44. The flowers are blooming beautifully in the garden.
  45. The chef is preparing a four-course meal for his guests.
  46. The sun is rising above the horizon, signaling the start of a new day.
  47. The students are presenting their research projects to the class.
  48. The couple is going on a romantic getaway for their anniversary.
  49. The doctor is diagnosing a patient’s medical condition.
  50. The employees are celebrating the company’s success at a party.

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