30 Oraciones en Presente Continuo

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10 marzo 2023, author: Vladimir Danek

30 Oraciones en Presente Continuo

  1. I am currently working on a project at the office.
  2. They are planning a surprise party for their friend’s birthday.
  3. She is reading a book in the park.
  4. He is driving his car to the grocery store.
  5. We are hiking in the mountains this weekend.
  6. The kids are playing video games in the basement.
  7. The company is launching a new product in the market.
  8. The sun is shining brightly in the sky today.
  9. The teacher is grading papers at her desk.
  10. My sister is training for a marathon next month.
  11. The artists are creating a mural on the wall.
  12. My friend is learning a new language online.
  13. The students are participating in a group discussion in class.
  14. The chef is experimenting with a new recipe in the kitchen.
  15. The team is practicing for the championship game.
  16. The rain is falling heavily outside, causing floods in the area.
  17. The workers are building a new house in the neighborhood.
  18. The baby is sleeping soundly in her crib.
  19. My parents are visiting relatives in another country.
  20. The musicians are rehearsing for their concert tomorrow.
  21. The doctor is examining the patient in the clinic.
  22. The passengers are boarding the plane for their flight.
  23. The company is renovating its headquarters.
  24. The birds are singing melodiously in the garden.
  25. The scientists are conducting experiments in the laboratory.
  26. The employees are collaborating on a new project.
  27. The athlete is recovering from a recent injury.
  28. The flowers are blooming beautifully in the park.
  29. The couple is planning their wedding ceremony.
  30. The actors are rehearsing their lines for the play.

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