20 Oraciones en Presente Simple

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Aquí tienes 20 ejemplos de oraciones en presente simple.

20 ejemplos de oraciones en presente simple

  1. They work at the same company.
  2. I practice yoga to relieve stress.
  3. I drink coffee every morning.
  4. She watches TV in the evenings.
  5. They play soccer on weekends.
  6. He reads a book before going to bed.
  7. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
  8. She listens to music while working.
  9. They take the bus to work every day.
  10. He brushes his teeth twice a day.
  11. She talks to her friends on the phone regularly.
  12. They eat lunch at noon every day.
  13. He exercises at the gym three times a week.
  14. She studies for her exams on weekends.
  15. They walk their dog every evening.
  16. He cooks dinner for his family every night.
  17. She checks her emails first thing in the morning.
  18. They go to the movies once a month.
  19. He helps his children with their homework.
  20. She cleans the house on weekends.

Cuando se utiliza el presente simple

El presente simple se utiliza a menudo para hablar de acciones habituales, verdades generales y hechos que siempre son ciertos. He aquí algunos ejemplos:

Acciones habituales:

  • I eat breakfast at 7 AM every day.
  • She brushes her teeth twice a day.

Verdades generales:

  • The Earth revolves around the sun.
  • Water boils at 100°C.

Hechos que siempre son ciertos:

  • Cats are carnivores.
  • The sun rises in the east.

Narrar acontecimientos en el presente:

  • The train arrives at the station in 5 minutes.
  • She walks to the park every afternoon.

Ejemplos de oraciones en presente simple

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