20 Oraciones en Presente Continuo

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20 oraciones en presente continuo

  1. I am typing on my computer right now.
  2. She is studying for her exam at the library.
  3. They are cooking dinner in the kitchen.
  4. He is watching TV in the living room.
  5. We are listening to music in the car.
  6. The children are playing outside in the yard.
  7. My friend is traveling to Europe next week.
  8. The company is expanding its operations globally.
  9. The sun is setting over the horizon.
  10. The teacher is explaining a difficult concept to the class.
  11. My dad is repairing his car in the garage.
  12. The students are discussing their project in groups.
  13. The chef is preparing a gourmet meal for the customers.
  14. My sister is practicing her piano skills in the music room.
  15. The athlete is training hard for the upcoming tournament.
  16. The rain is pouring down heavily outside.
  17. The employees are organizing a charity event for the community.
  18. The dog is barking at the postman at the door.
  19. My brother is completing his homework before going to bed.
  20. The artists are painting a beautiful landscape on the canvas.

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