100 Oraciones en Presente Simple

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El presente simple en inglés es uno de los tiempos verbales más utilizados en inglés. Se utiliza para describir acciones o situaciones que son actuales, habituales o repetidas.

Aquí tienes 100 ejemplos de oraciones en presente simple:

  1. I love to read books.
  2. She always wakes up early.
  3. They play soccer every Saturday.
  4. He eats breakfast at 7am.
  5. We go to the beach every summer.
  6. The sun rises in the east.
  7. The sky is blue.
  8. Dogs bark at strangers.
  9. The Earth revolves around the sun.
  10. She speaks Spanish fluently.
  11. We drink coffee in the morning.
  12. He works in an office.
  13. The moon orbits around the Earth.
  14. They enjoy hiking in the mountains.
  15. I listen to music while I work.
  16. She runs 5 miles every day.
  17. We brush our teeth twice a day.
  18. He reads the newspaper every morning.
  19. The leaves change colors in the fall.
  20. They volunteer at a local shelter.
  21. I watch TV in the evening.
  22. She practices yoga every week.
  23. We take the bus to work.
  24. He enjoys playing video games.
  25. The seasons change throughout the year.
  26. They learn new skills regularly.
  27. I write in my journal before bed.
  28. She cooks dinner for her family.
  29. We go to the movies once a month.
  30. He listens to podcasts on his commute.
  31. The wind blows through the trees.
  32. They enjoy spending time with family and friends.
  33. I dance to my favorite songs.
  34. She meditates to relax.
  35. We use the internet to stay connected.
  36. He enjoys going for walks.
  37. The ocean waves crash on the shore.
  38. They practice mindfulness daily.
  39. I play guitar in a band.
  40. She takes photographs as a hobby.
  41. We explore new places when we travel.
  42. He watches sports on TV.
  43. The birds chirp in the morning.
  44. They read books to learn new things.
  45. I work from home.
  46. She takes care of her plants.
  47. We learn from our mistakes.
  48. He exercises regularly.
  49. The sun sets in the west.
  50. They help others in need.
  51. I eat breakfast at 7am every morning.
  52. She studies at the library on weekends.
  53. They visit their grandparents once a week.
  54. He listens to music while he works.
  55. We take our dog for a walk every evening.
  56. The sky turns pink during sunrise and sunset.
  57. The train arrives at the station at 9am.
  58. The flowers bloom in the spring.
  59. The river flows towards the sea.
  60. The sun shines brightly on a clear day.
  61. I write in my journal every night.
  62. She speaks French fluently.
  63. They enjoy playing board games together.
  64. He takes his daughter to school every morning.
  65. We go grocery shopping every Sunday.
  66. The birds sing in the morning.
  67. The stars twinkle in the night sky.
  68. The wind blows through the trees on a windy day.
  69. I work in an office.
  70. She practices yoga to stay healthy.
  71. They like to watch movies on weekends.
  72. He reads books to relax.
  73. We use our phones to communicate with friends.
  74. The waves crash on the shore at the beach.
  75. The trees sway in the wind.
  76. The moon shines brightly on a full moon night.
  77. I enjoy cooking different cuisines.
  78. She volunteers at a local charity.
  79. They have dinner together as a family.
  80. He goes for a run every morning.
  81. We learn new things every day.
  82. The grass is green in the summer.
  83. The snow falls in the winter.
  84. The coffee smells delicious in the morning.
  85. I paint on the weekends.
  86. She takes a hot shower every night.
  87. They go hiking in the mountains in the summer.
  88. He likes to listen to podcasts while driving.
  89. We watch the news every night.
  90. The rain falls on a cloudy day.
  91. The sunflowers follow the direction of the sun.
  92. The desert is dry and arid.
  93. The moon phases change every month.
  94. They prefer to stay home on weekends.
  95. I jog in the park every morning.
  96. She practices meditation to stay calm.
  97. We spend time with family and friends on holidays.
  98. The city is busy and noisy.
  99. The ocean is vast and deep.
  100. They like to take photographs to capture memories.

Ejemplos de oraciones en presente simple

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Como se ve en los ejemplos, el presente simple se usa para describir acciones que están ocurriendo o son habituales. También se utiliza para describir hechos y verdades generales. Se forma añadiendo la forma base del verbo al sujeto, sin auxiliares ni terminaciones adicionales.

Por ejemplo, en la frase "I eat breakfast every morning", el verbo "eat" está en su forma base y el sujeto "I" es la persona que realiza la acción. Del mismo modo, en la frase "They help their neighbors with their groceries", el verbo "help" está en su forma base y el sujeto "they" es el grupo que realiza la acción.

El presente simple también puede utilizarse en oraciones negativas, en las que la palabra "not" se coloca después del verbo auxiliar "do". Por ejemplo:  "I do not eat meat" o "They do not watch TV at night".

En las preguntas, el verbo auxiliar "do" se coloca delante del sujeto. Por ejemplo: "Do you like pizza?" o "Do they play soccer on the weekend?".


9.7/10 - (405 votos)